This place is only for fun.  

  We are a family run operation.  This is a great place for developing driving skills and testing rigs in a safe controlled environment.  The safety of visitors is the most important consideration at the park.   Speed limits are enforced at all times unless a competition event is taking place, in that case special control over access to the competition course is required to be enforced.  The trail system is passable by stock jeep wranglers.  Trail system is a 3-4 rating according to OF4WD trail rating system.  There are harder obstacles along the trail system which can be bypassed or enjoyed which rate from  4-5.                     

Understanding Trail Rating Difficulty

trail ratings

There are some basic rules:

1.  Always be safe and operate your vehicle in a responsible manner.  Get help or a spotter when you need it.                                                                                                                                     

2.  Have fun.  Don't feel pressure to try something that you or your vehicle is not prepared for.

3.  Avoid damage.  Sometimes rule number 2 conflicts with rule number 3 but remember you are in charge.

4. Leave some space.   Don't bunch up.  Keep back a distance of at least 5 car lengths or more.

5. Keep the speed under 15km/h on the trails and driveways unless under competition rules.